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High quality cork floors in Brisbane


WESTFLOORS is Brisbane's oldest cork tile flooring specialists.

Established in 1966, we provide cork flooring installations, natural cork, coloured cork, cork tile supply, cork flooring repairs, cork floor maintenance cork floor recoats, and cork floor re-sands.

For quality cork floors contact Mike West for any cork flooring advice, on installation, repairs, or any questions you have.

If you have an existing cork floor or new kitchen cupboards are planned, let Mike see the floor before the cupboard removal and he might be able to save it!!


At Queensland Cork Supplies, we offer you the greatest variety of cork products, with the best quality and great prices. We have a very large range of cork products for every purpose:

  • Cork stoppers
  • Cork rolls
  • Cork sheets
  • Cork noticeboards
  • Pin boards
  • Model railways
  • Expansion joints
  • Gaskets
  • Coasters/coaster backings
  • Cork floor tiles
  • Cork wall tiles
  • Tapered corks
  • Cork dust
  • Cork granules
  • Cork wallpapers
  • And more

Queensland Cork Supplies can supply cork on backing boards for noticeboards of any size, small or large, or install cork direct to your walls.


  • Cork is a very sustainable and environmentally friendly product.
  • Cork tile floors are insulating - cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Cork tile flooring is an alternative to timber floors - quieter and more flexible.
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New cork floor installations usually take 3-5 days depending on the size of the area. We use only the highest density 6mm thick Portuguese cork floor tiles, and we can colour the cork floor tiles to suit any decor.

We apply 3 coats of hard-wearing, flexible, gloss polyurethane. This polyurethane is thicker than most and, as it is applied with a roller, we leave a more textured surface than a timber floor coating. It is still shiny, but with a texture we call  "orange-peel".

This polyurethane is able to be recoated (existing floor is cleaned, lightly sanded, and one coat applied), although we can only offer this service to cork floors we have installed as we know what polyurethane was used. We recommend recoats be done when you notice a dulling of the surface, usually around 3-6 years in a high traffic area.

Cork floor re-sands can be done when the wear is very bad, or when large repairs are needed (new kitchen cupboards leaving gaps). The cork floor is sanded back to bare cork, any gaps are filled, and then 3 coats of gloss polyurethane applied.


Westfloors only installs cork flooring, so we have experience gained over 4 decades, and we want you to be very happy with your cork floor. We do not subcontract their jobs, and we keep a detailed filing system of our cork floors for over 40 years so we know the history of our floors.
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  • Regular Vacuuming or sweeping with a soft broom
  • Mop with a clean mop (old cotton mops still the best) with hot water
  • If the floor is a little greasy, use a tiny amount of dishwashing detergent (the handwashing kind) in the hot water
  • Please do NOT use metho on our floors

If you need more information or are having any problems, contact us for further advice.


  • Portugal produces more than 50% of the world’s cork.
  • Cork oak trees grow untouched for 30 years before their first harvest, and then are harvested again every 7-9 years after that.
  • The cork bark is sliced off the outside of the tree in spring, as it is growing and loosening its old hide, so no trees are felled.
  • Thriving in arid and nutrient-poor soil that can support little else, cork forests grow well without herbicides, fungicides, or irrigation.
  • Cork is one of the world's most important non-timber forest products.
  • A permit is required to fell a cork oak tree and they are rarely given.
  • Replanting of trees is carried out regularly

Call us today on 07 3876 4844 for any questions you have about cork.

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